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The Road To 26.2

March 28, 2014 Leave a comment

**Writer’s note – This entry was typed on the night of Wednesday March, 26.**


It is 9:52 in the evening and I am still in my work clothes. Typically I am in my pj’s and in bed. But after the evening I had I am celebrating.

If you have followed this blog since 2011, you know I aspired to run in the NYC Marathon. But two hip surgeries since 2011, put those aspirations on hold.

Since undergoing two hip surgeries in 2011 and 2012, I never thought this day would come. Last December, as I prepared for my first Christmas without the use of crutches, I had the opportunity to register for the 2014 NYC Marathon lottery. Granted the lottery gave me a small glimmer of hope, but it was a chance I needed to take. I knew if I did not earn a spot through the lottery, I will have a shot by joining a charity.

On March 26, runners from all over the world waited for a response from marathon officials, myself included. I waited and waited. It got to the point where I periodically logged on to my G-Mail account. And while on the website, I would constantly hit “F5”. Imagine how one little entry can make one person anxious. I was anxious. I was nervous. I was on the edge.

My anxiety took me to new heights. My workout this evening was slow and painful. I meant that in a metaphorical way and not in a literal way.

The hours and minutes passed and up to that point no response from the New York Road Runners.

By the time I got home I logged on to my NYRR profile account. To no surprise I received my answer. I received the standard “Thank you for registering, but you did not earn a spot” line. Again I was not surprised but I was disappointed.

While I expected disappointment, I knew what I had to do. The next opportunity I had to gain an entry is through a charity.

Low and behold, I searched the list of charities participating in the marathon. Two stood out. One was for cancer research and the other was for military support. After thinking it over, I decided to join Fred’s Team. Fred’s Team is a charitable organization that raises money for Memorial Sloan Kettering and goes toward cancer research.

So here I am. I am raising money for cancer research. The moment to train starts now.

See you at the finish line, November 2.

To donate please click here —

In the coming weeks and months I will blog about my journey and training. Let’s do this together.



The Road to my 1st Physical Therapy Session

June 16, 2011 2 comments

If you have been a reader of my blog since its inception, by now you know my goal is to run the 2012 NYC Marathon and maintain my good health. But in a discouraging twist of fate the goal of running 26.2 miles hit a major road bump.

For months prior to getting it diagnosed I have felt discomfort in my hips. Initially I brushed it off. My answer to the discomfort “improper stretching”. What did I know? I am not a doctor. But I diagnosed myself as such. I felt I knew more about “health” than anybody. Yes I was naive and gullible. As the weeks mounted I continued my training. Then by February my condition progressively got worse. I was hurt. I knew it. But I continued.

Around mid to late February I knew something was wrong. After a great run on the treadmill I came up lame. However I did not feel a thing until after I left the gym in Hoboken. As I walked home I began to feel some discomfort in my right hip, thigh and groin area. Something was not right. But I continued to walk home to Jersey City. After reaching Jersey City I developed a limp and a discomforting sore in the aforementioned areas. I kept it to myself. The last thing I need is someone to tell me I was overdoing it. In recent years I have overcome a lot. This was not the time to stop.

But after listening to myself I decided to take a two week break from training. Hopefully that time would allow me to heal and mend. Now if you know me well you know that I LOVE to use the internet for research. And if you know me well you know I LOVE to use Google and/or Wikipedia as my main reference. As I mended I used Google as my go to destination on diagnosing my condition.

I discovered a lot of interesting theories as to why my right hip was sore. They ranged from: not drinking too much water (lactic build-up), improperly or lack there of stretching of the hip flexor muscle, to needing a hip adjustment. All very interesting theories. Each of which contained content of symptoms that I experienced. Then I realized while the internet could be a valuable tool, it could also be a tool that can make one worry. In this case the latter took precedence. But as usual I swept it under the rug.

After two weeks I returned to my routine and felt minor discomfort. Unfortunately my return to my training was short lived. The soreness reappeared and I knew I was legitimately hurt. It took some convincing from my good friend Judy to seek medical attention. She recommended some orthopedic doctors near my office in Manhattan. I did just that.

I received care and a proper diagnosis after an x-ray and an MRI. However, there was something about this doctor that made me feel apprehensive. For instance after he diagnosed me with Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) in each hip, he encouraged me to continue working out. In particular he suggested I should take up spinning. (Author’s note: I have used the spin bike way before this doctor encouraged me to do so.) But for him to say spinning while I was physically hurt did not sound right. The only bright spot I received from this doctor was NO SURGERY.

After hearing that I felt great. But after talking to another good friend of mine, I developed second thoughts. At her encouragement, she recommended I see Dr. Bryan Kelly out of The Hospital For Special Surgery. Franny recommended it after seeing a co-worker of hers experience the same condition but with a complete tear of the labrum. In my case I just have a small tear. Nevertheless, I took her word and proceeded to the process.

Fast forward to May, I gathered all of my health records from Doctor 1  and submitted them to Dr. Kelly. Had I known how long the wait for a consultation would take, I would have not waited until May and proceeded in April. But school took precedence. After hearing from his staff, I made a consultation for the day after Memorial Day and a few days after my California vacation. I figured if I was getting surgery California would be my entire summer.

The day came. Dr. Kelly and his staff made me feel at ease. He asked many questions. And after my response he recommended I try the conservative approach. He wants me to try physical therapy for 8 weeks. And if after 8 weeks my hips does not respond to the treatment, the next step is an injection (possibly a cortisone-like injection) in the hip joint. And if that does not alleviate my discomfort the final step would be surgery.

So here we are…I begin the conservative approach today. Physical therapy. Those two words are synonymous with Jorge Briones. To get to where I want to be again, I have to endure some road bumps. And those road bumps will come in the form of discomfort and to an extent pain. If that is what it takes to get back to good health then so be it.

Thankfully I have the support of a group of people that MEAN the world to me. And for that I will personally thank ’em. First off my loving family…My older brother Luis. Without his support and guidance I would be a wreck. My siblings Geraldine and Carlos. My sister is my best friend she always chooses the right words to lift my spirits. Where would I be without my parents. My father, Luis Sr., is the ever loving concerned father who has supported my endeavors for as long as I can remember. Papi gracias. And lastly, I want to thank my mother. I felt bad hiding my condition from her. She did not know about my condition until early June. The last thing I wanted was to worry her. I knew things would be okay, but as the saying goes, “Mother knows best.” And she did. She had a hunch something was wrong with me. Afterall my gym bag has been collecting dust along with my running shoes and my workout gear. I told her about my condition. To my pleasure she supported me. It took a load off my chest. And I do apologize for holding this from you. I had no intentions on doing so. Gracias mami. 🙂

Then there are those in my circle who mean the world to me. Without their support I would be a shell of myself. First off, Judy…Judy has been one of my best friends for four years. We have had an up and down road when it comes to our health. We are fighters. And we support each other whenever we need the guidance to fight our ailments. Franny…what can I say about someone who has been there for me and supported me since 2008. She has been my ally at work and outside of it. Then there is Veronica…she has had my back and has encouraged me to follow my dreams even when they seemed far-fetched. These ladies have meant a lot to me. And like my family, I owe them a lot.

To an extent I can also thank my followers on twitter (@hip_hip_jorge). I would love to name ’em all but I am pressed for time. They know who they are. And I want to thank those who are fans of my “Run Jorge Run” Facebook fan page. And of course, David. His wordpress journal about his own weight loss is remarkable. Keep it up my friend (

Between now and July 29th (follow up with Dr. Bryan Kelly), I will document all the twists and turns, up’s and down’s, good and bad moments from physical therapy. This is only the beginning. And Lord knows I need a workout stat. My expanding abdomen hates my guts. Sorry bud.

Until later.

All feedback is welcome. Any advice, comments is appreciated.