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New Year, New Me?

January 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Happy (belated) New Year’s. I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

So why did I title my blog entry as “New Year, New Me”? Well…for starters I entered the new year without the use of crutches. My medical history has prevented me from starting the new year healthy. Two hip surgeries later, I feel great.

And as I enter the new year pain free, 2014 will be a defining year for yours truly. In 2010, I was at my healthiest and strongest. Upon feeling healthy and vowing to never look back at my old 250+ pound self, I decided I wanted to run the NYC Marathon in 2012.

Fast forward to 2011, I felt my body breaking down. Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) was the cause to my malaise. My hips hurt. My confidence shattered. And my desire to run in the NYC Marathon in 2012 was in question.

Enter Dr. Bryan T. Kelly in the spring of 2011. His experience in arthroscopic hip surgery has been mentioned in this blog countless times over. But once again I must state, we approached this head on. One option given to me was to alter my activities. Running and working out has become a constant fixture in my life. While I stopped working out for six months at the discretion of Dr. Kelly, my confidence was not completely deflated. And my dream of running in the marathon was not dead. The dream was and to this very day remains ALIVE.

Two hip surgeries later I have never felt better. My hips no longer ache. The running path is clear. I am now running without worries or fear. Today I prepare for my toughest and most probably task, the NYC Marathon.

Training has not been kind to me. But I recently realized I was the one to blame. For instance my cardio lacked intensity. I became too complacent. The monotony of using the elliptical machine five days a week mentally drained me. On the first day of the month, I decided to mix my cardio. I re-included the use of the spin bike, the treadmill/running path, stair master, etc. It truly feels like 2010.

My goal between now and the NYC Marathon (November 2) is to mentally and physically prepare myself for the grueling 26.2 miles of fun. Yup fun.

The first item on my checklist is to lose the weight I gained from the two surgeries. In 2010, I weighed 150 pounds. Three years and 15 pounds later, I do not want to weight 150 pounds, but I sure as hell do not want to weigh 165 pounds. In the coming weeks, I plan on finding a personal trainer. I also plan on going for more runs. But of course that last item is contingent on the weather. I do not mind running in the cold, but when a “polar vortex” hits the area, my limbs mean more than a run in the park.

Is this really a “New Year, New Me”? The answer is simply “no”. For one I am not keen on resolutions. Secondly, I met my goals in 2009. And now that I am healthy, “it’s go time”.

Stay tuned. I will go through a lot of peeks and valleys.



2014 or Bust

November 3, 2013 3 comments

The 2013 ING NYC Marathon came and went. And needless to say, I was jealous. But then again my jealousy began the moment I entered the Marathon Health Expo at the Javitz Center earlier this week.

The NYRR organization welcomes all the participants to the Marathon Health Expo.

The NYRR organization welcomes all the participants to the Marathon Health Expo.

I should have ran in my first marathon today. What would have been three years in the making has to be put on hold until next year. The final chapter in my 100 pound weight loss is to run in the NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, two congenital hip conditions postponed those aspirations. Two years and two hip surgeries later I am healthy and ready to begin my journey.

I have come a long way to just stop and permanently end this dream. Truth be told the NYC Marathon has been my obsession since 2010. And no medical condition or any obstacle will come in my way. I have overcome a lot before undergoing two hip surgeries, so what is one more year…right? Patience is a virtue. And my body is a temple.

At the start of the new year I will begin my training. I am giving myself 10 months to prepare for the race. Through the grace of God and the support of my family and friends, this destiny I will share with them. My glory will be there glory.

I race not to finish first or last. I race because I am happy and able. I do not take one thing for granted.

With that said between now and next years NYC Marathon be prepared for blog entries about my training and some surprise entries.

By the way if you are wondering how I am sure about running in the 2014 NYC Marathon well let me give you a crash course on guaranteed acceptance:

  1. 9+1 — A member of the New York Road Runner’s (NYRR) organization must participate in 9 NYRR qualified events and volunteer in one event in one calendar year.
  2. Joining an NYRR sponsored charity.
  3. Entering the general lottery. Registration for the general application process will take place on December 2, 2013. Winners are generally notified late spring.
  4. Winning one of 44 spots in an NYRR contest. I entered the contest earlier this afternoon. 22 winners will be notified on November 5, 2013. And on November 22, 2013 another 22 winners will be notified.

I immediately crossed item #1 off my list. There is no way I am joining NYRR in 2014. The chances I win either #3 or #4 are slim. I would be surprised if I won either. My best bet is to join a charity. Ideally I would like to join a charity that supports our military.

My off season started after the Rock N Roll 10K last month. But that does not mean I am not working out.

My motivation. 2014 or Bust!

My goal…my motivation. 2014 or Bust!

My Hips Ache But My Spirit Is Alive and Well

June 6, 2011 2 comments

During my lunch break I took a stroll through Central Park. Gorgeous weather for a walk. Gorgeous weather to get out in general. However, after my consultation with Dr. Kelly last week, I  get the sense I am becoming a masochist.  Not being able to run has forced me to be idle. As I walked through the route where thousands of runners finish each November during the NYC Marathon, I can only think about my future of running the event. For almost two years I have set my sights on running the 2012 NYC Marathon.

For two years I have thought about the 26.2 miles of stress my body will endure from the starting point in Staten Island all the way to the finish line in Central Park. Would all of the stress and pain be worth the gold medal for crossing the finish line? Hell yes! But now as I battle a new challenge, the two years of dreaming about running in the event has faded into the distance. As I walked through Central Park this afternoon, I could not help but to feel sorry for myself. I am 30 years old. I am in my prime. But with aching hips I feel twice my age…60 to be exact.

The gorgeous weather has brought runners to take the pavement today. I want to be doing what  they are doing. Instead I am just a spectator. Paying close attention to detail I noticed the sweat and hard work each runner has put in. Then I realized I put too much damn effort, energy and money into my dream. I refuse to let it fade into the distance. Yes my hips ache. Yes my hips are not in “tip top” shape, but by God I will RUN again. And you can bet your bottom dollar, I will run in the NYC Marathon. 2012 may be out of the question now…but rest assured I will run the event. Not only will I run the event but I will cross the finish line and cherish the medal.

I am down. But I am not out. Please do not feel sorry for me. This was my bad break. But now it’s time to turn this negative into a positive. Physical therapy begins next week. If I can conquer my weight issues, I can surely conquer Femoroacetabular Impingement (Cam Impingement). Watch out world…Jorge Briones will be back. And he will be back with a vengeance.

In the coming weeks I will post my progress. All the highs and lows. I will be detailed in my therapy. If I am in pain you will know about it. If I am improving you will know about it. This is a challenge I refuse to lose.


NYC Marathon or Bust!

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

To get to the 2012 NYC Marathon, I endured a transition of epic proportions. In 2008, I weighed 250 pounds, and at the time recovering from a debilitating ankle injury. Upon receiving clearance, later that year, from my podiatrist and physical therapist, I changed my daily habits.

Working out and eating better allowed me to drop 100 pounds by September 2009. However, while humbled, I realized my final chapter would not be complete without a  challenge. Thinking of ways to prove to myself the weight loss will stay off, I decided to jot down ideas that will test my endurance and cardiovascular training. Then by fate on the treadmill, while struggling, I found my answer. RUNNING! By struggling I knew running would be the answer and challenge I desired.

At first I really did not think running was the best solution considering my long history with ankle issues and my constant struggles just to keep up on a treadmill. But after taking it slow and easy, I began to build enough strength in my lungs to sustain, 15 minutes then 30 minutes then 45 minutes and now an hour. Not only was I able to last longer but I was able to increase the speed from 3.5 to 4.5 to 5 and now 6.5. This is exactly the push I needed to tackle the marathon.

The road to the 2012 NYC Marathon has taken me to sights I never would have imagined had it not been for the support of those close to me. Without their motivation I would not have my sights set on the grandest marathon event in the world.

While I have 21 months until I arrive at the starting line in Staten Island, the time I have now will be devoted to training and raising money to one of the charitable partners associated with the New York Road Runners (NYRR). By raising money for a charity associated with the NYRR, I will gain a guaranteed spot in 2012.  This blog will chronicle my goals (both personally and through the charity I eventually select), experiences with other runners (novice to experience), and information I have attained from research.

The road to the finish line starts now. The final chapter is in the beginning stages. Will there be a happy ending? Time will tell. But I am a fighter. I will not give up until I cross the finish line in Central Park, 26.2 miles later!