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The Weather Can Never Derail My Plans

It’s Monday, May 21, 2012 – the weather is cool, dreary and rainy. Compared to yesterday the thoughts of running in NYC became an afterthought. My original plan was to run the pavement at Hudson River Park. But over the last few days I constantly checked the weather report through my “Weather” phone app. For the first few days last week, the ten day forecast appeared to be clear and sunny. Then as the day drew closer the weather periodically changed from sunny and clear, to cloud, to rain. OUCH!

Yesterday was the pinnacle of my academic career. I graduated with honors from a Masters Program at New York Institute of Technology. The day was beautiful and not a cloud in sight. The commencement was filled with uplifting words from NY Senator Charles Schumer as well as those honored with honorary degrees. The Class of 2012 had a great time. What a day!

I Did It!

After Two Years, I bid my alma mater farewell. After earning my Bachelor’s from NYIT in 2005, I now hold a Master’s Degree from NYIT in 2012.

As my family and I walked toward our vehicle I thought about the plans for the rest of the day. We left Long Island and headed the long trek back to New Jersey. Before shutting my phone, due to low battery, I once again viewed the phone app. Unfortunately the likelihood for precipitation on Monday reach 70%. At that point I was disappointed. Within the last week I bought running gear from my favorite store, City Sports. It was the first time since last March that I dedicated my resources on running gear (ie, running shoes, shorts, compression socks, dry-fit running shirt, etc). To add to that I even opened the Garmin Forerunner 110 watch I bought last March. For once I was going to put that watch to good use. Unfortunately I was not going to get the opportunity on Monday.

During a wonderful early dinner with my family, I literally came to the conclusion, “why not run today?” Afterall Monday should be a washout. I set out to do just that. However, considering how busy my Sunday went running in NYC would be out of the question. My impromptu fallback plan was to run on a track in my neighborhood.

An hour passed after dinner. The time was 5:30 in the early evening and I went from shirt, tie and slacks to running shoes, running shorts, iPod mini and for the first time, my Garmin Forerunner. I went to the nearby track and ran four laps. After feeling a bit nauseous I continued to run. But after that fourth lap I realized I needed to run elsewhere. Like Forrest Gump I ran because I wanted to run. Unfortunately, while I ran the equivalent to a 5K (3.1 MILES) in 31 minutes, I wanted to hurl. Sorry for the TMI moment. My biggest mistake was running an hour after a filling meal.

After running for 3.1 miles, mentally I felt great. Had it not been for my ailment, I would have ran an additional 3 miles. Despite the ailment I not upset. Yesterday was the first time I ever ran a 5K. I was elated. Afterwards, I walked an additional few miles. How many miles? I do not know, I ended the setting on my Garmin watch. I walked for the pure enjoyment.

I arrived home after a few hours and could not find the strength or energy to shower. After an hours, yes an hour, I gathered whatever strength to shower and ultimately pass out on my couch. The weather that night was calm, serene and peaceful. And yet, I still felt surprised to hear rain drops Monday morning.

So much for my run on Monday – thankfully I went for a run late Sunday afternoon. Despite doing an early morning errand, and getting caught in the rain, I managed to get a workout on Monday. On my way to the gym, I saw this image which I took with my Instagram app. Talk about night and day – yesterday was picture perfect, today was dreary and gloomy. Take a look for yourself.

Downtown NYC – One World Trade Center covered in fog. (May 21, 2012)

In hindsight, today was not a complete wash out. I ran on Sunday and received my Master’s Degree. And on Monday I worked out at the gym and took a really good picture as I was on my way to the gym. All in all – it was a win-win.

Until next time.


  1. G
    September 6, 2012 at 5:02 am

    Hi Jorge, I’m due to get arthroscopic surgery for FAI in either September or Novemeber. I have assignments due in October, so not sure if I should postpone the surgery or go ahead with it.

    From someone who’s had the surgery what would you recommend? How would you have gone getting coursework done within the 4 weeks after your surgery?

    • September 6, 2012 at 7:42 am

      Hi G. Personally I held off until December (Christmas week to be exact) to get the surgery on my right hip. I presume by assignments you are a student. If so if you are in no pain you can hold off until you have at least 2 to 4 weeks of free time. As I stated I waited until the end of the year for both school and work. If you can make up the assignments while recovering then go for it. How much pain are you in?

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