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Today I woke up feeling good. After yesterday’s 9+ mile walk I expected to wake up sore. Needless to say I anticipated to get in my cardiovascular workout and personal training session late in the morning.

On May 20th, I will walk down the aisle and accept my Master’s Degree. The road to May 20th started back in March when I made my return to the gym. At that point I hit the lowest point in my health since 2008. Granted I did not significantly gain weight, but at the same time my confidence took a hit. In January, I returned to work after a one month recovery from arthroscopic hip surgery. While recovering my wardrobe consisted of hoodie sweatshirts and sweatpants. If you own a pair or two you will know they are comfortable no matter body shape. But after being cleared to resume to the office, I had to give up the hoodie and sweatpants for my old dress shirts and slacks.

Returning to work was a thrill. Being home with cabin fever for a month would make any person eager to return to his or her life. However, I feared about putting on those slacks. I did my best to maintain a healthy diet; however, keep in mind, I had the procedure during the holidays. Being inactive during the holidays was a major blow. Upon putting on a pair of slacks in January, to no surprise my slacks barely fit.

Again it was a bit discouraging, but a sense of optimism arose. I thought to myself, “If I could lose 100 pounds, then I can regain my old-new shape.” But to get my “old-new” shape, I needed to bide my time between January and until the time I would be cleared to return to the gym.

My goal was to return to the gym by April and prepare for graduation and my second hip surgery. To my surprise, again, I was cleared to return to the gym sooner than expected. After seeing Dr. Kelly for my 12 week post-op follow up he recommended I could return to the gym on a limited schedule. Returning was not easy but it was not hard.

At some point in March, I bumped into my old friend and personal trainer, Mitch Heard. At this point he had left the NYSC to train people on his own. What started out as small talk ended up as a partnership again.

On March 18th the partnership began. Despite my limitations, as I still recover from hip surgery, I did not miss a beat. For the interim we are focusing on upper body training. Most days I am sore, other days I do not feel a thing. But I know when I achieve my goals I can look back and laugh on my psyche from January.

As I close this, the week after my first session with Mitch, he took measurements. The plan, as with any training, is to progress into a healthier and fitter me.

Here are the measurements from March 25th:

Weight: 161

BMI (Body Mass Index): 23.1 (Considered Average for Adult Male) **Mitch used a body index meter

Arm: 11 7/8 inches

Waist: 32 5/8 inches

Abs: 36 5/8 inches

Hips: 38 inches

Leg: 18 1/2 inches

My next measurement day will be the week before graduation (May 13th).

Until next time. Peace out!

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