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Three Minutes of Bliss

The Kentucky Derby is considered the fastest two minutes in sports. However, I had my own version. Granted it was not quite two minutes but instead it was the fastest three minutes in physical therapy.

Yesterday during my 12 week post op follow up Dr. Kelly cleared me to resume running. Okay he gave me some restrictions – but the fact I can begin my training is a God send.

Honestly I have no idea who was happier to hear the good news. First there was Dr. Bryan Kelly who seemed content with my recovery. Then there was Jeremy Crow who is my physical therapist. But in the time we have known each other he has become a coach and a friend. Of course I can say the same about Amanda Wohl – more on that later. Lastly, was I the happiest?

The winner is…All four.

All I needed to hear was you can move forward. With Jeremy’s guidance I will start the treadmill for the three minutes. It is not ideal but I have to start somewhere.

Prior to the end of the consultation I asked about my left hip. Dr. Kelly asked if I had a surgery date in mind. Of course I said “December.” With that he then reiterated you can hold off on the surgery but do not hold off long enough. He said holding off to December will be keen since he does not believe my labrum is as damaged as my right. But recommended to get the procedure when I can.

Quite frankly if summer was not around the corner and I was not graduating in May I would have opted for the surgery now. My left hip has been a sore spot as of late.

With that we parted ways until my six month post op follow up in June. By then I will have a decision on my December surgery date.

Later that evening I saw Jeremy and Amanda for my regular Tuesday physical therapy session. Amanda approached me with a huge grin. She says, “I heard the big news. You are going to run today. Jeremy excitedly told me.”

To witness all of them be as happy for me to run made me feel great. However I would not be where I am at without their support and guidance. I truly owe Jeremy, Amanda and all the folks at STAR a lot.

I ultimately ran on the treadmill at a speed of 5.0 for three minutes. It truly did feel like the “fastest three minutes in sports”. At least in my mind it did. In a way I did not skip a beat.

Overall though I had a lousy therapy session. No not because what we did but because of my sore quads and hamstrings. A few days ago at the gym I focused on lower body weight training. The leg press, leg extension and leg curl machines did me in. Now do not get me wrong it was a good sore. I just felt I could not live up to my expectations at PT.

I am hitting the gym tonight to celebrate. Care to join me? Well meet me at the NYSC in The Crown Plaza hotel on Broadway and West 49th. We will have a blast – bank on it!


Until next time.

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    • March 17, 2012 at 10:02 pm

      My apologies for the delay in response – thank you for the comment. I am content at my recovery.

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