It’s Go Time

For the last two and a half months I have been a shell of myself. Today I finally picked up those pieces. On December 19 of last year, I underwent hip arthroscopic surgery. Initially I was told returning to my old active life would take four plus months. In my case I returned in two and a half months. After spending time listening to others talk about their workout habits today was officially my time.

Initially I wanted to return Monday; but I scheduled an appointment with my chiropractor and massage therapist after work tomorrow. I then thought to myself why wait until the start of the week let’s return Sunday morning. And low and behold I did just that. This morning I went to the New York Sports Club (NYSC) in Downtown Hoboken and rocked!

In a way I picked up where I left off in December. Okay not quite. But I had a better than expected workout. Considering where I was two and a half months ago I did a lot. And by a lot I mean cardio and strength exercises. The exercises at the gym, as Jeremy Crow has stated countless times over, should compliment my exercises at physical therapy. Of course I had to add some additional time to my cardio workout. Let’s just say, I did not skip a beat.

One thing I learned the hard way during my recovery was to stretch my hip as often as I can. Last Tuesday after getting caught up in a productive day at the office, I did not get the opportunity to stretch my right hip. By the time I arrived at physical therapy my right hip felt tight. After doing my exercises I mentioned to Amanda how tight my hip felt. She stretched the hip and agreed. We discussed why my hip tightened up. She advised me to take a few minutes every few hours to stretch my hip. Those were words I now take to heart.

This morning before leaving for the gym, I took five minutes to stretch my hip. Quite frankly I think those five minutes were critical and ultimately helped in my workout. The flexibility and motion I showed during my cardio prolonged my workout.

Unable to run or use the stair master, I got re-acquainted with my old friend the elliptical. Okay, I have been acquainted with the elliptical for about a month already, but we need to suspend disbelief and pretend I got re-acquainted with the elliptical.

Initially my goal was to get 30 – 45 minutes on the elliptical. Low and behold I managed to complete 65 minutes. Lasting that long proved to be monumental. Who would have thought that after two and a half months I would have a long and productive workout? Yes after 65 minutes I felt a bit sore but my spirits soared. Usually I would not be content with a 65 minute cardio. For those that know me, I usually complete 90+ minutes on any cardio machine. But for my first time back I opted to take the conservative approach. Okay that’s not too conservative. By not wanting to overstep my boundaries I ended it at such.

My legs felt like jello. My shirt absorbed in my own sweat. Water never tasted so good. And my hip was not as tight or stiff. Overall I had a successful start to my workout.

After completing my cardio I once again stretched my hip. The stretch felt great with no pain or discomfort. After stretching I started my physical therapy. After stretching I did some favorite physical therapy exercises such as: the balance board, the BOSU, side steps, planks, side planks, leg extension and leg press. Each exercise has its meaning and purpose. Ultimately I broke out in another sweat. With no physical therapist in sight I took control over my own therapy and made the best of it.

Overall I felt great. Now my main goal is to get to 100% – and that will obviously take time and patience. The one thing I want to do is to lose some weight. At this point my pants barely fit. On December 19th, I weighed 158 pounds – this morning I weighed in at 165 pounds. Sure I gained seven pounds. To some that is not a lot but to me I am on a mission to get to where I was.

At some point this week I will look into swimming lessons at the NYSC in midtown. And as I slowly transition back into my an old habit, I will include upper body weight training into my workouts.

As I have been saying since September, “It’s Go Time”!


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