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Fighting a Cold as I Returned to My Life

This week I made strides since having hip surgery one month ago. After one month I returned to work. And just like the surgery I expected to be in pain. But to my amazement I felt great – minor soreness affected my hip. Granted walking to and from work with a crutch was a bit of an inconvenience but overall I am glad to be back and have some sort of life. However as you will ultimately read my week did not end as good as I wanted.

As I mentioned in my last post, heading into my return to the office I felt like a student anxious for the start of the school year. Monday night I was grinning from ear to ear as I counted down the hours until my month awaited return. The day finally arrived – I woke up without the use of my alarm clock. I told you I felt like a kid anxious for the start of the school year.

After doing the usual formalities (i.e., showering and preparation) I gimped my way to the bus stop with a crutch. At first I saw compassion from the driver – he pulled to the curb and lowered the bus so I could board the bus. The commute to NYC was rather quick – it felt great to be on my morning commute from NJ to NYC. After arriving at the Port Authority I did something that I rarely do, I took the subway. If you know me well enough, you know how much I rely on my two legs when in Manhattan. Trust me – I walk a lot. But on this day I did not want to take any chances, I journeyed and gimped to the subway station underneath the Port Authority.

After arriving at the 7th Avenue subway station I realized one thing – the station is not equipped with many escalators and elevators. Climbing up a few stair cases was not my idea of fun. Going up one of the stair cases, I felt like a senior citizen with limited mobility – no offense to the seniors reading this of course.  Ultimately I made it to the office. I felt great being at my desk and being part of the team. I managed to get through the day by contributing to the team – and afterwards I made my rounds to say “hello”. The love and support I received from colleagues made me feel loved.

The weather that Tuesday felt mild (for January). After I left the office I opted to walk to physical therapy instead of taking a cab. The walk from my office to the east side after work felt invigorating. I made great strides to STAR. While tight in my right thigh/hip area I arrived a bit late but not too late. I was given a pass since I left work a little before six in the evening. At STAR Jeremy and Amanda had me working. From the beginning to the end I worked myself into a sweat. That was a workout without completely getting into a workout – if that makes sense.

Afterwards I once again walked to the Port Authority. The walk felt great. The mercury dipped a little but I managed to arrive at the Port Authority. Halfway through, I began to feel a bit sore. Walking with a crutch and after going through a great therapy session my body was telling me to rest. I boarded the bus back to New Jersey and ended my day the minute I arrived home.

After arriving home I had dinner and quickly fell asleep. Mind you for the time I was home my day typically ended after one in the morning. My first day back to the office ended before ten. Did I do a lot? I think I did. But I would not change one thing about the day. I knew the minute I went to sleep, I was looking forward to the remainder of the week. To top it off I completed the anti-inflammatory pills my doctor prescribed for after the surgery.

Wednesday came and the great day I had on Tuesday quickly became an after thought. The day started out innocently. After arriving at the Port Authority my throat felt a bit scratchy. As the day progressed I developed the early symptoms of the common cold. The fact I am recovering from surgery in the winter has my immune system vulnerable to airborne viruses. The last thing I expected was to fight a cold – but alas I developed a scratchy throat. This was the last thing I needed. Before leaving the building I ventured to the Duane Reade and picked up a bottle of Zicam. Quite frankly, the homeopathic over the counter medication acted more like candy.

I was feeling a bit better – or did I think that? If I thought that then the Zicam acted more like a placebo. Needless to say, I went home after leaving the office. I felt okay. But I knew I was not out of the woods. Despite the scratchy throat, I was able to fall asleep at a reasonable time. However, the night did not end peacefully. Mid-way through the night I woke up with a sore throat. In need of some fluids I drank some water and eventually made my way back to bed. I was not feeling great – but I managed to get some sleep.

Thursday morning – feeling weak and a bit exhausted I once again visited Duane Reade. This time I avoided any homeopathic medication. I purchased some daytime cold and allergy medication. After arriving at the office I took the medication and all of a sudden I began to disinfect my work area with disinfectant wipes. And if that was not enough I religiously started using Purell hand sanitizer. If my concerns was not enough, I began to develop a dry cough. A dry cough typically is not bad. However as the day turned into night, the dry cough turned into a painful weezing cough. Que lastima!

The day ended after I returned home from physical therapy. I had dinner and quickly went to bed after taking some OTC medications. Another day ended and another sleepless night. I woke up at some point in the night hallucinating. My throat hurt and my temperature rose. I progressively got worse with each passing day.

Friday – Nothing changed. The only exception – there was no need to visit the Duane Reade. While thoughts of calling out crossed my mind, I opted to go into the office. I would need to be severely ill to miss a day of work. Up to this point I had missed three weeks (one week did not count due to the Christmas holiday), and now there was no need for me to call out and miss a day.

I felt sick, but I was obviously good enough to continue my day. Nevertheless if I did not feel any better by the afternoon, I would definitely leave early. I managed to work six hours before opting to leave at four. For my final two hours I used sick time. At that point I just could not deal with my sick condition.

My day ended. I was too exhausted to do anything – that included my at-home therapy. Having a weakened immune system after a month-long recovery sucked (for a lack of a better term). Believe it or not earlier this evening I purchased some Nyquil. Yes – I am dying and feigning to quickly recover. After battling the medical procedure, I had to fight off a cold. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I do not know. As a matter of fact the nagging painful cough lessened. But now I am dealing with a runny nose. Yup I am fighting the common cold.

Hopefully next week will be better.



  1. January 23, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Wash those Hands!!!! I do hope you feel much much better soon. You are keeping Duane Reed in business there.

    I am amazed that you got to go back to work after one month. I was out for 3 long ones. But then again…I don’t do office work!

    Sounds like things are going along swimmingly.

    • January 29, 2012 at 11:16 am

      My apologies for the delay in response. Thankfully I recovered in time to get my butt in gear at the office. But while I was ill I certainly kept Duane Reade in business. Then again if you ever visit the NYC area – you will discover they are everywhere. They are hard to miss.

      As for my recovery I too am amazed at my recovery. My doctor initially mentioned 2-4 weeks but I still felt skeptical. After the procedure, the recovery felt great. On Tuesday, I am seeing Dr. Kelly for my six week post-op follow up. He plans on taking x-rays. According to those I have spoken to this procedure is standard and common. It comes at a great time too. I hope to discuss with him about my ailing left hip. I know that will definitely come to fruition. But the question is when?

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