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After One Month…

Today (officially) marked my first day back to the office; however, today is an observed holiday. While I am officially off of medical leave today, I am at home relaxing.

One month ago today I had surgery to repair my right hip. Going into the procedure I expected the recovery to be far more painful. But in actuality I had a positive experience. From the moment I woke out of the anesthesia my memory was in a haze. I remember Dr. Kelly telling me things while I recovered in the recovery room. However I cannot recount what was said – I was completely out of it.

Slowly but surely I was coming to my senses. One experience I will take with me was my interaction with the hospital staff. They were very cordial and caring. Each step of the way they checked on each patient with a smile and concern. By the time I was on the verge of being discharged, I got dressed – and with the aid of a onsite physical therapist re-learned how to go up and down the stairs with crutches. That’s always an experience.

After being discharged I vaguely remember responding to text messages and tweets (twitter). As a passenger in my brothers car, I was slipping in and out of sleep. On the ride back to New Jersey I heard the conversation of two men talking about anything and everything. At one moment I temporarily woke up – as we approached the Lincoln Tunnel the conversation went from work to sports. I wanted to chime in but was too tired to even partake in the conversation. I quickly passed out.

The minute I arrived home I put my crutch skills to the test. Up with the good was the protocol – one step at a time. I made it inside my home. Hobbling over to my bed I had a hard time getting comfortable. My family has been supportive through each step of the way. From that moment on if I ever needed anything they were there.

Now I tend to think I was not a pain in the butt as I recovered. But I suppose that is a question you should ask my mother and siblings. For those that know me know I tend to be an independent fella. Having others do things on your behalf is truly foreign territory. While I recovered I rarely got out. If I left the house it was for a doctors appoint or physical therapy. The extent of my cabin fever grew and grew.

A few days after the surgery I was not feeling any significant pain. My biggest problem was mobility. Lifting my right leg proved to be a daunting task. On a positive note I discontinued using the Percocet four to five days after starting the regimen. There is no need to take a pill every four hours if I did not experience any pain. If I continued using the medication when I did not experience any pain, I feared addiction. Thankfully I listened to my body.

Recovering from hip surgery during the holidays was a tough pill to swallow – no pun intended. Having multiple reasons I scheduled the surgery for December back in August. I knew full well what to expect. But as the holidays rapidly approached my holiday spirit waned. Not only did I have to prepare for hip surgery, but I also endured my final semester in grad school. A lot on my plate so little time to enjoy one of the best holidays on the calendar.

Christmas occurred six days after hip surgery. The day, to me, was mellow – we did the customary exchanging of the gifts. But being on crutches and virtually in bed for a good portion of the day made the day appear like any other day. The one highlight – I was able to apply more weight onto my right leg. Six days after surgery I was able to walk with the use of crutches and not feel significant pain. Talk about progress. I continued to have mobility issues.

It was not until after the new year where I began walking without crutches at home. At that point, I was instructed by my physical therapist to use the crutches at all times – of course I somewhat heeded their advice. Walking inside the house without the use of crutches (most times) was a liberating experience. The expression of my family truly was priceless. They were impressed at my recovery. Of course I walked in a slow motion – picture a turtle.

Two days after surgery I began physical therapy. If you have been keeping score, you know I talk highly about the folks at Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation (STAR). Having prior experience with the staff, returning to them after the surgery proved to be a no brainer. However I did not expect to begin therapy days after the surgery. I had the surgery on Monday, therapy began on Wednesday. They do not waste time.

Seeing Jeremy Crow and Amanda Wohl for the first time in months was great. Once we exchanged pleasantries we got to business. The first step was the stationary bike. Upon boarding the bike I felt like an old man being unable to peddle. Peddling proved to be a difficult task. Amanda knew that would be an issue – she then proceeded to tell me what I needed to do on the bike. I needed to peddle halfway and return it counter-clockwise with no resistance. After ten minutes I had to relearn stretches. The first day ended when Jeremy stretched my hip. To my dismay he complimented my range of motion. I did not expect to quickly have flexibility in my right hip . Sure I had issues with mobility, but for Jeremy to move the hip in different motions without significant pain was a step in the right direction.

Since that first moment I have gradually stepped from light peddle strokes to peddling clockwise with resistance. Lately, Jeremy and Amanda have included the use of isometric workouts in my therapy. Using weights will get me to the point where I was before the surgery. As for the crutches, I am down to just one crutch. Pain is no longer an issue. Discomfort is another story. Sitting down proves to be an issue. During my last therapy session Amanda provided me with one simple piece of advice. If I am sitting down for more than 20-30 minutes, I should stretch my hip. This piece of advice came in handy. Over the weekend I tried this exercise on a consistent basis and guess what – she was right. But then again I never doubt her.

While I am ready to return to the office tomorrow, what have I learned? Simple…Watching episodes of Maury (Povich) was a train wreck. Watching paternity and lie detector results made me realize how great my life really is compared to his guests. Whether the show is staged or not, I am glad my life has not been dragged onto a talk show of that nature. Yes – I finally admit Maury became a guilty pleasure. Hopefully, with my life back to where it was prior to the surgery, I can get rid of that guilty pleasure from my mind. No I will not program the show on my DVR. It’s not happening.

With that written I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow. Yes – I have not thought about my wardrobe until today. Quite frankly I am excited about returning. Ever get the feeling of excitement and anticipation of returning to school each September? Well right now that is how I feel.  Hmmm…I am thinking a pair of jeans and a sweater. Plus a change of clothes for physical therapy after work tomorrow.

My mantra for my workouts prior to my surgery was “It’s Go Time”! I think tomorrow the mantra returns!

Wish me luck.


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