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Feeling Great

Yesterday I hit some new strides. As I marked ten days since having the surgery, I had my second physical therapy session and the coupe de grace – had the stitches on my right hip removed. I feel great and optimistic.

Before I could get the stitches removed, I had to visit the good folks at Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation (STAR) in New York. Training session two went well – actually it went better than expected. Of course I had one setback. This setback, in all honesty, is minor.

Going into yesterday’s session I did not experience any pain in my surgically repaired right hip. Yes, I experienced soreness – and yes mobility in my right leg was minimal. But if I could walk without the use of crutches, I know my recovery would have made vast improvements. Prior to leaving the house I contemplated of walking without the use of crutches. I literally gave myself three options. Option 1 – Walk with a cane. Option 2 – Walk without crutches. Option 3 – Walk with crutches.

As I was getting ready I decided with “option 3”. First of all, I was ten days removed from surgery. Secondly, I am no doctor. And in no way shape or form should I go against my doctors and physical therapists orders. After getting dressed I gingerly walked with the aid of crutches into my brothers vehicle. We were on our way.

At STAR I asked my physical therapist if it was ok to walk without the use of crutches. Jeremy and Amanda both smiled and recommended I stick with the crutches. Since they are the professionals I heeded their advice. Apparently they noticed something in my walk that felt I stay with the crutches. However, they gave me an option. I could use both crutches for the interim, or I could use just one crutch. They also discouraged me from using a cane, at least for the interim. However, knowing that I have an option is a great sign of relief. And it’s also a step in the right direction.

After the discussion we began our therapy. I started out with the stationary bike. Ok – I sound like a broken record, but I miss the gym. And using the stationary bike without resistance for 10 minutes has been the best workout I’ve had since December 18. Granted I did not break a sweat, but being on the bike re-assured my love for working out. I cannot wait to get back.

Afterward they had me do the usual stool stretches. These stretches help out the surgically repaired hip – and by using my core muscles the area gets stronger and healthier. With that I am content with the way things have progressed. Of course Jeremy and Amanda had me do other stretches which are mild to say the least. They know it and I know it. Amanda assured me within a month the degree of difficulty will increase and I cannot wait. For now I will deal with the mild stretches assigned to me and strengthen my core and progress my rehabilitation.

The highlight from physical therapy – Jeremy stretching my right leg/hip. After stretching it he was impressed with the range of motion. That’s great news considering I did not feel mobility in my right leg. Since hearing the news I had a new sense of optimism. I cannot wait for the next session. Until then I will do my stretches at home.

Afterwards I journeyed to Hoboken, New Jersey to have the stitches removed in my right hip. Yes – after ten days I could say good-bye to the stitches. I visited him for the first time since March. Needless to say I completely forgot how uncomfortable having stitches removed could really be. It was a bit brutal to say the least.

They were finally removed after a few minutes. My doctor estimated about 11 total stitches in 3 incisions. Oh joy. Am I worried about scarring? No not really. If it scars it scars. The mark is in an area that is covered 100% of the time.

Now here I am – a day and a half away from the new year. And I know heading into 2012 I have every reason to keep my head high and look to the future.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Be safe and well.


  1. January 1, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Love your blog. Glad you are doing well. I am not really worried about scaring either, but I am still trying to minimize it just in case my bikini modeling career takes off. 🙂 I am just joking! Happy New Year!

  2. January 9, 2012 at 5:37 am

    Just a note! I am about 7-8 months post op for Impingement and torn labrum in my left hip. I am doing GREAT! It took about 6-7 months for me to actually feel like my hip was part of me again and to run well, but it did happen for me. I did all the same thing with the crutches and missing the gym as you are doing. Keep up with the PT, and I am sure you will be well on your way to the Marathon! (I have one planned in Florida for November 2012!)

    • January 9, 2012 at 9:25 am

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. Slowly but surely I am getting better. And after 3 weeks I barely have any pain. Once I am cleared to run (in 6months or so) the skies the limit. For the interim my main goal is to rehab my hip and possibly do some strength training. Please keep me posted on your training. Keep it up.

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