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Physical Therapy Session #1 – Post Op Edition

Earlier today I began the road to recovery. At 1130 this morning I visited the good folks at Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation (STAR) on the east side of Manhattan.

After surgery people are generally scared about beginning rehabilitation. I, on the other hand, wanted to begin treatment as soon as possible. While I did not expect to begin therapy this quickly as scheduled, I was ecstatic. But before I give you my first session at STAR, let me provide my condition.

This morning I woke up in pain. Quite frankly this was expected. The stabbing pain woke me up at 4 but soon enough even that was not an issue. I quickly fell back to sleep. And yes I have a high tolerance for pain. Imagine working out with FAI for months. That’s discomfort and pain. If I could tolerate that then sleeping with a temporary wound would be a walk in the park.

What’s that you ask? What about my med’s? Well Doctor Kelly prescribed percocet and voltaren (NSAID). Considering the pain only happened once, there is no real need for me to consume the pain killer. I’ve taken the percocet’s sparingly. My pain this morning did not qualify as a need to take one. Pain is just a four letter word – but in all honesty I may have made out like a bandit. The surgery went better than expected and was told by many how much strides I have made since Monday.

Which brings me to this morning…

I arrived at STAR earlier than the 1130 appointment. My old physical therapists Jeremy Crow and Amanda Wohl were happy to see me – as I was happy to see them. Working with them was instant clockwork. We did not skip a beat. After quickly catching up, we got to business. And wow! Will I be sore in the morning.

For starters they showed me the proper way to walk with crutches. After practicing the proper way, I nailed walking with crutches down to a science. The key to walking with the crutches is to move the crutches and the surgically repaired area at the same time. Once that   foot and the crutches meet the good foot moves forward and ahead of the surgically repaired area. It’s that simple. Go me!

Afterwards we started some light exercises that worked my good hip. The key was to stretch without feeling pain in the surgically repaired area. Overall I was content with the outcome.  On a positive note, Jeremy raved at the good range of motion I had in my right hip. That’s a major plus. The last exercise consisted of me using a stationary bike. Yes – a stationary bike! I was excited to do some cardio. Ok – It was not the greatest cardio exercise but dammit I reveled in it. Using the stationary bike for ten minutes was a treat.

My overall my experience has been positive. And if it was up to me I would walk without crutches. But I discovered why I need to use the crutches. My right hip labrum has been repaired with “anchors”. According to my research and inquisition an “anchor” is another word for “suture” or “stitches”.  In this case the “anchor” was implanted to stitch the labrum with the bone – and will dissolve on its own. It’s because of this I am recommended to walk with crutches and apply the majority of my weight to my left side.

We’ll see how this turns out. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you all for your support.

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