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Far From Inspiring But I Will Not Quit

This morning I worked out for the fourth consecutive day. Consecutive workouts are best suited for the seasoned warrior. And quite frankly I really need to build up my stamina. Day four came and went…and well…I was far from inspired. Yes, I did complete 95 minutes of cardio. But while my body trekked from beginning to end, my mind had a hard time keeping up.

The last three days were great. My body and mind cohesively finished each workout. But today, fatigue set in. I completed the first 65 minutes of my workout. While I struggled on the elliptical for that time span, I maintained the same amount of resistance. Then after the first segment of the cardio workout I restarted another segment. This is where I complete the final 30 minutes. But typically I am on my game. Resistance is at or one step below my usual second segment pace. In this case, it was two to  three steps below my usual pace. In a way, I coasted. I knew something was wrong.

No–physically I feel fine. The hips feel great. My right ankle shows no lingering effect from the sprain I suffered two weeks ago. However, mentally I checked out. Damn! One month into my return, I am suffering from fatigue.

Fatigue happens to all of us. And yet I feel discouraged by this. My body needs to recover. My body needs rest. I look at it like this…today was just an aberration. Come Tuesday I will return to my old competitive self. That’s a promise!

My next entry will be the one month countdown to the ING NYC Marathon. 2011 will be a great race.

Until then.

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