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How Far I’ve Come…

This morning I woke up with a feeling I have not felt in months. Prior to my long unexpected sabbatical, each weekend morning was spent at the gym. Yes, since 2008, I have taken a deep devotion to living a healthy lifestyle. However as I tweeted this morning working out is not just about fitness but it’s about the mind and the soul.

While the nerves lingered in my body, I knew my return to the gym needed to occur today. With three and a half months until my hip procedure training my “mind, body and soul” with two sore hips would be ideal.

At around 9:30 this morning, I left my residence with a book bag full of workout gear. You would have thought I was walking to the first day of class with my excitement. The walk to Hoboken from Jersey City took me 20 minutes, as usual. As I approached the New York Sports Club (NYSC) in Downtown Hoboken, I felt the beats of my heart thump ever so quickly. I was nervous. I was anxious. I was excited.

I went in and while I was shocked to see major roll over in staff, I was glad to be back. Ideally I would typically hit the stair master, but since I am not cleared to use it I opted for the elliptical.

At around 1015 AM, I sought an elliptical machine after stretching my calves and hamstrings. I jumped on the elliptical and felt great, but after ten minutes, I realized how out of shape I was in. The thought of stopping and calling it a day lingered. But, that was the Jorge of early 2008. If I was going to attain my goals, my goal of 60 minutes of cardio each session needed to be completed. The sweat proceeded to drip onto my shirt. After 40 minutes, my shirt was drenched in my perspiration.

Out of breath at the 55 minute mark I continued  the final five minutes. As I inched closer to my goal the music in my iPod (I was listening to The Bouncing Souls album catalog) was drowned by the sweet sound I overheard on the gym speakers. The song has some significant meaning to me. While I am a punk rocker at heart, this is one song that takes me back three years.

As a fan of the New York Mets, I purchased two different ticket plans during their final season at Shea Stadium in 2008. I had the distinct opportunity to attend the final home opener and the final home game. It was a magical summer that ended in disappointment. From watching great defense, to an exciting grand slam home run during the last home stand, and to a magical pitching performance by Johan Santana the second to last day of the season, the one constant I witnessed at Shea that season regardless of a win or loss was the opening video introducing the team. The team created a video montage commemorating the final season. The video included a song from a contemporary Adult Alternative rock band.

Matchbox 20 had a hit that year. And the video played constantly on VH1. The video was a montage itself. The retrospective of historical moments over the years played along well with the NY Mets. And now the song played well with me.

As I counted down to the sixtieth minute, the song played. “How Far We’ve Come” is the name of the song. As the minutes dropped to seconds, the song had me in a state of euphoria. I paused the iPod. Closed my eyes as I held onto the elliptical grip and saw a montage of my life.

The montage is everything that has occurred since my overweight days all the way through today. Good and bad, I have come a long way. As the song neared its end, I became overrun with emotions. Yes, for those that know me, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Six months has been a long time and I’ve come this far. I never expected to complete 60 minutes on my first day back. But here I am. Despite the condition of my body, I will do my best to work my way to where I was…within reason of course.

And for those wondering, how I am feeling? Well…as expected I am sore. But overall I feel great. After leaving the gym, I celebrated by visiting a mom and pop market, next to Carlo’s Bakery, and bought a healthy fruit salad. It was delicious.

“It’s Go Time!”


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