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Anxious To Return To The Gym

Since being diagnosed with femoroacetabular impingement in March, my workouts have been nonexistent. After seeing two doctors, enduring physical therapy and a hip injection, I will return to the gym Saturday morning. And while I am not in the top condition I would like to be in, I am excited to return to the place where it all started.

Dr. Kelly, however, has not given me the green light to run. No running? No problem. I will improvise. Ok…it’s not quite improvising actually. Dr . Kelly has cleared me to use the stationary bike and the elliptical. While it’s not the spin bike or the stair master, it certainly is better than nothing.

Through December 18 (day before my hip surgery), I will do my best to get a healthy body heading into the surgery. After I get the procedure I will not see the gym until June at the earliest. The next three and a half months will count more than ever. While I intend on pushing myself to the limits, I will have to do it with caution and care.

In the six months since my last workout, I have gained ten pounds. And yet I constantly get asked if I am still losing weight. My goal up until the surgery date is to lose the ten pounds; but probably gain five pounds of muscle. In other words, I would like to lose five pounds. But for that to occur, my diet has to change. Ok. Since March my diet has not drastically changed. But the lack of exercise has caused my weight to increase.

It’s go time! The start of the school year has some, myself included, excited. My return to the gym has that feel. I look forward on seeing old friends and making new friends at the New York Sports Club (NYSC).

I have 107 days (thank you to this website for providing me the countdown) until the procedure. For those that follow me on twitter remembers the hashtag #Destination2012. Well…Destination 2012 has taken a back set for obvious reasons. Whenever I tweet about my workouts or weight goals through the surgery date, I will use hashtag #Destination155. Destination 155 will symbolizes my ideal weight goals. Let’s see what happens.

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