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I Am Surgery Bound

On Wednesday I had a phone consultation with Dr. Bryan T. Kelly. The conversation revolved around the MRI results. And as expected not one fact proved to be shocking.

To sum up the conversation the MRI revealed more cartilage and labrum damage to the right hip than the left hip. Comparing the MRI and the CT Scan (from May) has revealed the abnormal femoral head in the right hip caused my discomfort. And therefore it has caused the tearing of my labrum and cartilage.

The hip joint is a ball bearing joint. It is supposed to move positions without causing contact to the labrum. Unfortunately the abnormal hip joint is causing damage to the labrum and surrounding cartilage. The damage to the labrum and surrounding cartilage is caused by my activities. While I was born with this condition, the fact I am very active has caused the degeneration of my joints to tear.

In honesty I am glad this happening now and not in my later years. The likelihood of developing arthritis or completely tearing the labrum would have been severe. Had I developed arthritis or completely tore the labrum, I would be a candidate for hip replacement. Now I know this upcoming procedure will not guarantee security with my hips. But the likelihood of requiring hip replacement later would severely drop.

The joints have caused discomfort. When Dr. Kelly recommended the injection I admit to being baffled as to what that meant. I knew it was an injection to numb the pain. But after Wednesday I have a clear understanding why he was adamant on recommending the injection.

Since the injection my right hip has shown signs of improvements. But as Dr. Kelly stated over the phone, the injection is temporary. It’s not a permanent solution. The combination of the drugs was to show where exactly the pain/discomfort was coming from. In this case the condition of my right hip since the injection has improved. And that confirmation tells him I am a candidate for surgery.

Since the labral tear caused the pain, the injection (anti-inflammatory and cortisone) helped numb that pain. The pain has been consistent with the impingement. Therefore the impingement can further deteriorate the labrum. Hence the earlier stated “hip replacement”.

The significance of the cartilage tear is considered “mild”.  Despite the issue being mild, the tear is significant enough to be of a concern.

I asked Dr. Kelly when should I proceed with the medical procedure? He feels I should get the procedure done as soon as possible. However, he empathized the need to continue leading a daily life. My body as of now feels great. And while I know surgery is needed, initially I wanted to wait until graduating from Grad School next May. But since the injection is a temporary solution I will eventually experience the same discomfort as before. And as mentioned earlier, if I ignore this impingement, I will increase my chances of eventually requiring a hip replacement.

If I wait until next year, I have to go through the rigors of getting an MRI. After spending an hour in that tube I realized surgery looks great at this point.

Dr. Kelly provided me with the following guidelines:

  • Crutches for 2-3 weeks
  • Patient will not entirely be bed ridden while on crutches.
  • For 2-3 weeks I will need an ice machine. (The machine is to ice the surgical area.)
  • Prior to surgery Dr. Kelly’s office provides a pre-op surgical course. Being a veteran of medical procedures I know what to expect. But each procedure I’ve had has been different. I figure taking this course will put me at ease.
As for my left hip, Dr. Kelly will not do elect for surgery until he sees the damage of my right hip. If there is significant damage to my right hip, then he will go through the CT Scan process with my left. Otherwise, if the damage is not severe enough, he would like to wait. In my opinion, I am going into this as hip procedure 1 of 2.
Earlier this morning, I spoke with one of his staff members. This staffer is the person who schedules surgery. And while I have no intentions on getting the surgery anytime soon, I did schedule the procedure for Christmas week (December 19, 2011). Yes, six days before the Holiest holiday of the year I will elect to have my hip repaired. Not a bad way to say Merry Christmas, right?
Here is a clip of what I am facing December 19. **Author’s note: To view the complete video click here.**
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