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The MRI and Hip Injection

Before I begin, I want to say I having been rockin’ out to Alkaline Trio (Alk3).  I have been on an Alk3 fix since seeing them in concert this past Wednesday. A side note, I realized I’m too old to stand in a general admission pit at any punk rock concert. Moshers and I do not get along. Nevertheless, the show rocked and Alk3 tore Irving Plaza down.  Now to business…

24 hours ago I visited the fine folks at The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). I had to spend virtually the whole day in the area. The last time I saw Dr. Bryan Kelly, he requested I get an MRI on each hip and an injection. Physical therapy did not help the ailing hips. And as I mentioned before the folks at STAR (Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation) treated me exceptionally well. Each session I was challenged to my core. I owe a major debt of gratitude to the folks there…in particular I owe Jeremy Crow and Amanda Wohl a lot. They were patient during my bad days and as mentioned challenged me on my best days.

Without their support I would not have a background in how to rebuild my core and help regain strength in my hips. With that stated, the folks at STAR will see me again. Afterall, Dr. Kelly recommends surgery. When? Well that depends.

The MRI he requested will depend on when surgery will take place. If the results reveal severely structural damage to my hips then he would recommend surgery at some point this year. Thankfully, the recovery time from this procedure will take 2-3 weeks. After that I can return to work. Initially I was  told by a friend the recovery time would be 3 months.

In the past I have had two medical procedures. I no longer fear going “under the knife”. It’s a part of life. And the only way I can get back on the road to the NYC Marathon is by getting this procedure. On Wednesday, I have tentative plans to see Dr. Kelly for the results. I say tentative due to jury duty…yes it’s my civic duty to participate.

Before I provide information on the injection, let me state the MRI made me a bit claustrophobic. In years past I’ve had MRI’s and CT Scan’s, but never for the duration of the most recent MRI. I was enclosed for about an hour. At one point I am almost fell asleep. Closing my eyes to not witness the enclosed MRI was a big mistake. But thankfully I stayed “still”. I had no choice.

Anyway, after the MRI I had an hour to kill. After a long session, I needed nourishment’s. No need to get into the details of what I ate and where. Just know I had a good lunch.

I returned to HSS with 20 minutes to spare. Filled out necessary documents. But as I was filling out the documents my nerves and the apprehension took over. For weeks I have heard about this “hip injection”. I’ve heard how painful the procedure would be. But there was no turning back.

Once again I changed into a hospital gown and went into a cold surgery-like room. At first the doctor seemed a bit annoyed. But after a while he loosened up and made me feel at ease. Noticing how I lived in Jersey City, he reminisced about his days as a youth growing up in Jersey City. That was the ice breaker. I knew I was in good hands.

He discussed the steps involving in this non-invasive procedure. He first stretched my hip to determine the level of pain/discomfort of my hips. After each stretch I would give him a number (0 No Pain- 10 Painful scale). Each number was documented on a chart to classify how I felt before the procedure. The same chart was given to me to document how I felt after the injection.

He then used a fluoroscopic x-ray machine. The machine determines where the doctor should inject. It helped determine where the femoral head would be located. Once he located with the help of an object taped to my hip, he would make a mark. Following that step he rubbed some local anesthetic in the area.

After applying enough anesthetic he discussed steps I should take in the event I develop any side effects and how long I should feel any relief. After that discussion he was ready to begin. I took a look at the needle and felt comfortable with something so long would make it’s way into my hips. The closest pinch I felt occurred when the needle made it’s way into the muscle area. Otherwise I was as comfortable as possible.

Then he injected into the needle the chemicals. Three different chemicals was injected into my femoral head. Each chemical had it’s own purpose. The question is which of the three chemicals would help alleviate my discomfort. As of now I have noticed a difference. While I am experiencing discomfort, the number has drastically decreased. In a way this may have bought me some time. At least I can hope and pray that it bought me some time.

Stay tuned on the MRI results. In the meantime, I need to find my way to the gym. Dr. Kelly has given me the green light to return. Unfortunately in recent weeks I have been unable to return. For one reason or another my return has been put on hold until September. This week I have a lot on my plate, including jury duty.

I look forward to the future. However, I am a bit disappointed that my “Destination 2012” campaign has prematurely come to an end. If I need a procedure on each hip, I am looking at a possible date for running the marathon in 2014 or 2015.

Nevertheless I appreciate your support. I know things will work out for the better. I am a firm believer this set-back will only make me stronger. I believe.

Enjoy your weekend folks.


  1. August 14, 2011 at 11:50 am

    That’s a great outlook Jorge! I hope the results are good!

    • August 14, 2011 at 2:13 pm

      Thank you. I am doing my best to remain positive. On the bright side I have been cleared to return to the gym. Albeit my doctor provided me with some restrictions. I hope to be back by the start of September. Wish me luck.

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