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What Dr. Kelly Said…

Well it has been two days since I visited Dr. Bryan Kelly. And while I am not surprised about the outcome, I am surprised about one revelation. But before I get to the “revelation” I will discuss the events leading to the “revelation”.

It was a late Friday early evening visit to Dr. Kelly’s office on the east side of  Manhattan. My original follow up visit was set for 1 in the afternoon, but earlier in the week I received a call from his staff confirming all of his morning and early afternoon appointments were canceled. Already having waited two months for the consultation I did not want to reschedule for a later day.

Thankfully his staff was able to accommodate me by scheduling me after business hours. I definitely give Dr. Kelly, his staff and the facility at The Hospital For Special Surgery a lot of credit. They allowed me to visit after hours and bypassing another long wait.

On to the follow up visit. Dr. Kelly entered the room and asked me general questions about the conservative treatment (Physical Therapy). Then after I uttered some keywords he realized I was being treated under Jeremy Crow at STAR.

After  a back and forth discussion about “regressing” after two weeks of physical therapy. Again, I WILL NEVER place blame at the folks at STAR physical therapy. They have been more than supportive and provided me with all of the work I need to get better. Unfortunately my hips did not react too well.

Soon after he had me lie on the table to determine the severity of my hips. He moved the hips in various positions and realized I did gain some range of motion in some aspects but when it came to stretching the hip and the flexors to my chest I was in obvious discomfort. To an extent I was in pain.

After stretching both hips he concluded I am now a candidate for the injection in my right hip. Obviously going into this I knew this part; however, what Dr. Kelly revealed next caught me off guard.

After recommending the injection, he recommended a special MRI. This MRI according to my referral’s description is a “hip with swiss protocol and version analysis-R/O labral tear-Evaluate articular cartilage”. In other words the MRI will reveal the extent of damage to the labrum and surrounding cartilages in both hips.

Dr. Kelly recommended the MRI after admitting my hips felt a bit worse than originally expected. With that said he stated surgery is inevitable. However, as to when the procedure will take place will determine on the MRI results.

Going into the consultation I knew my hips would need to be repaired, but what caught me off guard was when. If the MRI’s returns the way Dr. Kelly believes, then he would recommend surgery at some point this year. However, if they return with less damage, I can hold off on surgery until next summer.

Hopefully I will receive the latter part of the news instead of the former. Things have been going my way since May. For me to need a medical procedure before the start of my final semester of grad school would be heart breaking. However, if he recommends it I may have no choice but to elect for procedure #1 this year.

On the bright side, he did clear me to return to the gym. However, he placed restrictions on the extent of my workouts.

  1. I cannot do any sort of running.
  2. The stair master and spin bikes are out of the question.
  3. I should continue with my physical therapy via the gym.
  4. I have to avoid any type of weight training or calisthenic that involves my hips.
  5. I can do cardio. However, I can only use the stationary bike and the elliptical.
I suppose these restrictions are better than nothing. With that said, I am looking back to returning this week. If not, I will return next week.
After I make an appointment for the MRI and injection, I will provide you with more information.
Everything will be okay.
Any words of advice?
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