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Week Five of Physical Therapy

My apologies for the lack of posts. The last time I posted on wordpress occurred on the first of July. In that time I have had a see saw ride.

This upcoming Friday will be my two month follow up with Dr. Bryan Kelly. And quite frankly I am not too optimistic about the visit. While I do have good days and bad days with my hips, the bad days seem to out number the good.

I do commend the folks at STAR physical therapy for their time and devotion. The last five weeks has been educational. I have learned a lot about strengthening my core. However, no matter how hard I try and give I have yet to notice any improvements.

The latest discouragement came last Tuesday (July 19). Throughout the day my hips, in particular the right hip,  acted up. The discomfort was felt from the time I got out of bed and all the way through physical therapy. The discomfort lingered through the evening. Doing some exercises felt like a discomforting chore. The hip joint kept pinching after each move. But like usual I was in no significant pain.

After completing my exercises, my physical therapist, Amanda, stretched me. She first stretched the left side. The side felt great. I even managed to have a random conversation with her. Upon completing, our conversation continued. But as she started stretching my right hip I felt a bit uncomfortable. Towards the end of the stretch she dropped my leg as to hang off the stretching table. As she stretched my right leg I felt a popping sensation. I can only describe it like this. She stretched it and asked if I felt anything. I said No. She furthered applied more pressure. And all of a sudden POP. It was discomforting enough to close my eyes, grimace and tell her to loosen up.

She stopped. And with a look of concern asked if I was ok. I wasn’t. Not her fault. But I told her I felt a pop in the hip joint. I literally thought the hip came out of the socket. But thankfully it did not.

Amanda concerned once again asked if I was ok. I certainly was ok. Just concerned. But with two more sessions at STAR before my follow up, I am not feeling too confident. If he does not recommend additional physical therapy, he will proceed with step two. An injection (cortisone-like) in the hip joint. Other than being told of the second step, I am not too familiar with the injection.

On Friday I will ask him more about the injection. But for now I am already preparing myself for the second step. Sadly, if that does not work out, I will be subjected to the final step…surgery.

If surgery is the likely option, then I will have no choice to put the procedure on hold until next year.

Surely I want to have the procedure sooner than later but right now I have no choice. Between a new position at work and the upcoming start of the fall semester (my last semester), I really do not want to proceed with surgery. Thankfully I am in no significant pain. With that said I can hold off a year if it comes to that.

But stay tuned. On Friday I will inform you on how the follow up visit turned out. Wish me luck.


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