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Reflections From an Injured Man

**Writer’s Note: This entry is not intended to be bitter. I do not want to come out as a person with sour grapes. In fact this entry is a reflection of where I have been and where I want to be in the future. Enjoy!**

As I reflect on the eve of my 31st birthday, I cannot help but feel different. And by “different” I mean I have seen my fair share of good and bad days since July 2, 2010. But for now I will focus on where I have been since the start of 2011.

I entered the new year with a sense of vigor and hope. Entering the new year I was in the best shape of my life. My workout routine along with my family and friends are a major part of my life in 2011. I entered the new year with a clear path. “Focus” was the operative word. No longer did I want to be heartbroken. No longer did I want to be the overweight kid who barely could run a few blocks without running out of breathe. No longer did I want to feel the negativity that has surrounded me for years.

Yes, in 2009 I lost 100 pounds. And for the most part I kept it off. But two months into 2011 I suffered a set-back. If you are a regular reader to “runjorgerun”, by now you know about my diagnosis. In March I was diagnosed with “Femoroacetabular Impingement” in each hip. The condition was a major setback in my pursuit of running in the 2012 NYC Marathon. Upon receiving the news of my condition I immediately stopped working out. Sought a second opinion and received the good news of opting for conservative treatment instead of surgery.

For the last three weeks I have been in physical therapy for my hips. They are still sore but with the power of faith and positive thinking I hope to resume my activities by August.

2011 has not been my year in terms of my health. Outside of the Femoroacetabular Impingement, I was also diagnosed with a neck strain which may have been caused by “knots” in my shoulders and neck. Of course I sought treatment. And let me say getting an adjustment to your neck and/or back does wonders.

And lastly, but most recently, I sought treatment from a oral surgeon. For about a year, I had a lesion on my lower left lip. I thought nothing of it at first but after recently pondering my future with a certain young lady, I decided to seek guidance from an oral surgeon. The good news he believes the lesion on my lip is not cancerous. The bad news to determine how safe the lesion is a biopsy would be required. This past Monday I had Dr. Kim perform the biopsy.

The procedure did not last long and I was placed on your typical Novocaine anesthetic. After 20 minutes, I was out of the surgeons office and on my way to the office. Was I groggy? Sure. But quite frankly, I was in minimal pain. The longest part of the procedure were the stitches. Overall it was an interesting experience; and while I wait for the stitches to dissolve I am confident that on July 12th I will receive positive news.

With everything that has occurred since the start of the year, I can say “I am a shell of myself” but I am not. However I can honestly state that at some point after receiving the news on my hips,  I played the whole “woe is me” card. I did put myself down. All of a sudden I saw mental images of my old self. The person I vowed never to be again.  Fat Jorge reappeared.

The images then became motivation. While my waist size has increased a bit, the voracious appetite I owned years ago has never returned.  Living this way took time to develop. And I refuse to return to my old habits. Now do not get me wrong I do indulge every now and then. But while I am away from the gym I have to indulge a bit less now. However, I may have to make an exception this weekend.

In any event NO SOUR GRAPES on my part.  This negative will turn into a positive. And in no time I will reclaim my fitness. However, as I mentioned earlier I am grateful for the circle of family and friends in my life. Their support and guidance has really been helpful. And to my loving girlfriend Jessica, thank you for your support. You are truly someone I care about.

Until next time. Have a wonderful holiday.


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