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I Received the STAR Treatment in Physical Therapy

Yesterday I acknowledged the start of an 8 week rehabilitation program. The rehab will be grueling and often times arduous; but if I want to get back on the treadmill or track, I will need to endure some discomfort and/or pain. And discomfort is what I endured yesterday.

My first visit to the Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation (STAR) was a positive experience. Like Dr. Bryan Kelly and his staff at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the staff at STAR welcomed me. The road to better health begins at STAR.

My physical therapist is Jeremy Crow. I met him at HSS the day I had the consultation with Dr. Kelly. And after examining my hips and the lack of range of motion in my hips, Dr. Kelly recommended I visit STAR as the first option. In particular he recommended I see Jeremy.

Like Dr. Kelly, obtaining an appointment proved difficult. They are located on the East Side of Manhattan. Their hours is not quite a 9-5 but it’s not the typical physical therapy facility open until 8. The only time I can proceed with treatment is after work. My office is located on West 53rd, STAR is located on East 56th Street between Lexington and 3rd Ave. To get from one side of the area to the next during say my lunch break would be a waste of time. And buses to NYC from New Jersey does not pass until after 7 am.  The only other time I can get treatment is after 6PM.

I do not mean to be difficult and I hope they see that but seeing them after 6 in the evening is the only reasonable time to seek treatment. As of now they seem to understand. And I greatly appreciate it.

Now on to my treatment.

I like to consider yesterday as the “first day of school”. I was reintroduced to Jeremy and met his assistants. They all seemed eager to get me going. At first I had to be in different positions as Jeremy measured the range of motion in each hip. He would measure then blurt out some numbers, his assistant would document the numbers. The numbers will be compared to follow up measurements in a few weeks. Interestingly, as he maneuvered my hips in different positions I felt total discomfort. Was it painful? Not really. But it was discomforting enough that I squirmed a bit.

After he measured my hips, we started the rehabilitation process. For close to an hour he had me working on various stretches and positions. I do apologize for not having the terms handy, but all of my documents are at home. I promise to explain in the next entry what Jeremy and his staff want me to do at the facility and at home.

Overall I had a positive experience. Yes I am sore. Yes feeling sore is always a good thing. And after yesterday I am optimistic. Hopefully in eight weeks I will have gained enough strength in my hips to return to the gym and resume my training.

Oh! Before I forget, this is how serious this rehabilitation process means to me. They suggested I invest in ankle weights. Typically when I am told to invest in something I rarely do so. But today, I visited City Sports and invested in ankle weights. The ankle weights will be used to help build strength in my already weak and ailing hips. It will also help improve the core in my hips. At this point I am eager to do anything that will get me on the right track.
As of now I have no complaints about the people nor my ailing body. The best part, I wore a pair of my workout shorts during therapy yesterday; they actually fit. Yes, I know I am a “corn-ball”, but come on…it has been three months since I have last worn a pair of workout clothes. That’s a plus, if I say so myself.

Until next time.


Before I forget I woke up sore. Earlier today I hobbled a bit, but Jeremy stated I will be sore and feel some pain. I am not too concerned. PAIN is just a four letter word.

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