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My Running Shoes Stand Idle

Earlier this morning the New York Road Runner’s (NYRR) club held their annual lottery for the 2011 ING NYC Marathon. According to the NYRR, a record amount (140,000) of applicants submitted an application for the lottery. Of the record amount only 45,000 will be selected to run via the lottery.

Reading my Twitter timeline throughout the morning, put me in a discouraged mood. It has been seven weeks since I was last able to put on my running shoes and run. Or as a matter of fact, it has been seven weeks since I last visited the gym. While I am in no pain whatsoever, I am cautious. The last thing I want is to further tear the labrum in my right hip. And for that matter tear the labrum in my left. My left hip did not undergo an MRI; however, I have a feeling my left hip labrum has been compromised. To think the tear started through a condition called Cam Femoroacetabular Impingement.

On Monday, I was able to retrieve my medical documents (ie, x-ray and MRI results) from my original orthopedic doctor. That same afternoon I was able to mail it to another orthopedic doctor for a review. Dr. Bryan Kelly is considered to be one of the best orthopedic hip doctors in New York state. I do feel whatever he recommends I will proceed.

In recent years I have accomplished many goals, including battles with my weight, and yet I have so much to go. The NYC Marathon is a goal I wanted to accomplish. Yes-I temporarily hit a wall. But not being able to do something I have enjoyed since 2009 has put me in a bitter disappointing mood. I do not blame anyone for what is happening. I just happen to be a casualty of fitness and whether I like it or not, I MUST deal with the set-back. I do not agree with it, but I must accept it. The time will come for me to return to where I was. Unfortunately now is not the time.

Destination 2012 2013 seems to be the likely year where I will lace my running shoes and  run in the world’s premier marathon.

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