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Running and Injuries

A revelation came to me today as I ran for a total of 7.93 miles this morning on the treadmill. I discovered some rest will be needed. After running for 105 minutes once again at the same speed, my body is sore. Most importantly my hip.

No…I am not in any excruciating pain. However, I am sore in the inside area of my right hip. The soreness which appeared during my post run stretch has me a bit concerned. For the interim I plan on taking a minimum of one week to recover. The recovery time could be extended by an additional week.

Thankfully, I have some vacation time coming to me in the coming weeks. In my best interest I think I should explore on finding an orthopedic doctor for a precautionary examination. While my discomfort is forcing me to rest, I do believe, in my opinion, all will be a-o-k. Nevertheless, considering my history with injuries I should not take any little “tweak” or discomfort lightly.

The joys of training for a marathon. At this point in time while training for the NYC Marathon is a dream, my health takes precedence. The dream will eventually come true…but my health will last me years.

However do not think for a minute my time away from training means downtime from this blog. Oh quite the contrary. Sure my training will come to a temporary halt; but I plan on keeping you informed on my status, my eventual meeting with an orthopedic doctor and any health related news I discover.

  1. Daniela aka RunDani17
    March 13, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    Hm, sounds like it could be a strain of the muscle.
    If that’s the case, I would normally tell my girls to take 1-2 weeks off depending on the discomfort they fell. Also, you should alternate ice and heat on the area (for about 20-30min each). And I don’t mean grab some icy-hot. I mean grab ice put it in a ziplock bag or any other plastic bag and sit/lay down with that bad boy wrapped around your hip with an ace bandage. For the heat, muscle rub, tiger balm, or anything else along the lines. Aim to do this twice a day. There are some other treatments, like using the ultra sound and this other one that I’m blanking out on the name, those were my best friends when I strained my quads & hamstrings back in high school.

    But again… I’m no doctor & all of this is on an assumption that what you have is a strain. But it couldn’t hurt to try these.
    Hope it’s nothing too serious, *fingers crossed*

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