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NYC’s Waistline Continues To Grow

I often get asked or even questioned as to why I lost weight. Without sounding too obnoxious my response will stand and remain for health reasons. Did vanity have anything to do with it? Not really. I have always felt comfortable with who I was when I weighed 250 pounds. And now that I am living healthy and training for a marathon I am not looking back.

However earlier this week I noticed a front page headline in Metro New York titled On Fat Tuesday, NYC Fatter Than Ever. The article provided shocking facts. According to the city Department of Health, New York City’s rate of obesity and diabetes is growing at a bigger rate than any other area in the United States. Even more alarming almost half of NYC elementary school students are overweight. Despite a massive “anti sugar” ad campaign, sponsored by the city and the government, city residents continued to pack on the pounds and visit fast food restaurants.

This article pains me. If adults want to contribute to their own weight gain or lack of health then that’s on them. However, I feel for the children. To learn half of elementary school students in NYC are overweight is heart breaking. As one who endured being overweight from an early age, I wish I knew then what I know now.

In recent years I have made it known how content I am with a salad over a burger any day; or how I am content with my marathon training over a video game. I do hope they find a way to a healthy life. Now I am not suggesting children should prepare for a marathon. Instead I do hope the city develops programs to promote physical fitness.

Being fit and healthy can only increase the longevity of people. As a first time runner I feel blessed to have the opportunity to train and run the NYC Marathon. Losing 100 pounds in a one year span has been a humbling accomplishment. I feel if my message along with the message of others who endured similar transitions can inspire our overweight society then our purpose has been accomplished.

What are your thoughts about our growing number of obesity, especially in children?

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