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Four Ways To Run in the NYC Marathon

As a runner (novice or experienced) how does one gain a guaranteed spot in the biggest marathon of them all? Simple. The New York Road Runners (NYRR) have designated a few options for runners from all over the world to select. While some of the options may or may not be to one’s liking they do offer choices.

To gain a guaranteed spot one would have to do the following:

  • Join the NYRR’s club the year before the race. Thousands get denied due to limited space. Joining the NYRR’s is fairly inexpensive ($40/year). Upon joining he/she will need to participate in 9+1 NYRR’s sponsored races. What does “9+1” mean? To automatically receive a guaranteed spot in the race one has to run in “nine NYRR scored-qualifying race”, which needs to be completed within the calendar year. And the “1” refers to participating as a volunteer at events affiliated with the NYRR’s. By completing the “9+1”, the requirements will be fulfilled, thus guaranteeing a spot in the 2012 marathon.  **Deadline for the 2012 marathon expired on January 31st 2011.
  • If the “9+1” does not fit one’s needs then he/she could take a gamble by applying for the NYC Marathon lottery.  According to the ING NYC Marathon website, applicants for the 2010 marathon grew 25% from the previous year. That number is expected to increase as the lottery for 2011 marathon inches closer. To apply for the lottery applications must be submitted by April 19th, 2011. Mind you this race will attract not only people residing in the NY/NJ area but from the US and around the World. Chances are low but no harm in trying.
  • So the first two options did not meet one’s approval. Okay. Why not raise money? Yes indeed. The NYRR’s have partnered up with selected charities. These charities have limited space but once the runner is a member he/she will need to raise a specific amount of money. Each financial goal varies by the charity. Some of the charity partners that participated in past marathons have included:  The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Boomer Esiason and the American Cancer Society.
  • For experienced runners who ran the NYC Marathon on multiple occasions: a guaranteed spot is gained by: (a) running and completing in 15 marathons, (b) or by completing the NYC Marathon or Half Marathon at a specified designated time (designated by the NYRR’s).

Not including the fourth option, if I had to select from the top three, I will select option 3. Obviously, I have made it known in the past. But running for a cause will add on added motivation to start and finish the race. Yes-the charity receives the money regardless if I finish or not, but I will race for a cause.

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