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NYC Marathon or Bust!

To get to the 2012 NYC Marathon, I endured a transition of epic proportions. In 2008, I weighed 250 pounds, and at the time recovering from a debilitating ankle injury. Upon receiving clearance, later that year, from my podiatrist and physical therapist, I changed my daily habits.

Working out and eating better allowed me to drop 100 pounds by September 2009. However, while humbled, I realized my final chapter would not be complete without a  challenge. Thinking of ways to prove to myself the weight loss will stay off, I decided to jot down ideas that will test my endurance and cardiovascular training. Then by fate on the treadmill, while struggling, I found my answer. RUNNING! By struggling I knew running would be the answer and challenge I desired.

At first I really did not think running was the best solution considering my long history with ankle issues and my constant struggles just to keep up on a treadmill. But after taking it slow and easy, I began to build enough strength in my lungs to sustain, 15 minutes then 30 minutes then 45 minutes and now an hour. Not only was I able to last longer but I was able to increase the speed from 3.5 to 4.5 to 5 and now 6.5. This is exactly the push I needed to tackle the marathon.

The road to the 2012 NYC Marathon has taken me to sights I never would have imagined had it not been for the support of those close to me. Without their motivation I would not have my sights set on the grandest marathon event in the world.

While I have 21 months until I arrive at the starting line in Staten Island, the time I have now will be devoted to training and raising money to one of the charitable partners associated with the New York Road Runners (NYRR). By raising money for a charity associated with the NYRR, I will gain a guaranteed spot in 2012.  This blog will chronicle my goals (both personally and through the charity I eventually select), experiences with other runners (novice to experience), and information I have attained from research.

The road to the finish line starts now. The final chapter is in the beginning stages. Will there be a happy ending? Time will tell. But I am a fighter. I will not give up until I cross the finish line in Central Park, 26.2 miles later!

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